Car Wash App

Designed and inspired by an IMO operator.

Developed specifically to run in a Car Wash site, this app brings the power and functionality of a traditional POS system to a mobile device, providing your business with a professional POS solution without the associated cost that comes with traditional POS hardware.

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 Process Transactions

Install CloudHQ4 Car Wash and start processing sales using your phone or tablet. By using our dedicated app, your staff will now be able to process transactions from anywhere an internet connection is available, WiFi or 3G/4G.

 View Customer details

Find out relevant information of a customer on arrival in the palm of your hand.

  • View the number of transactions the customer has had to date.
  • Displays the last wash ordered by the customer which enables the greeter to be able to customise their sales pitch.

 Live Updated Customer Information

  • The greeter has the ability to enter specific notes for a particular customer while processing a sale. This is a great place to record any pre-existing vehicle conditions or reminders for staff.
  • Upon confirmation of a sale, the transactions to date value will be incremented so that you can easily tell how often your customers are transacting with your business

 Print receipts wirelessly

CloudHQ4 Car Wash integrates with a third party utility called PrintNode which allows for the ability to print sales receipts wirelessly.

Staff have the ability to print (or not) a receipt for the customer and do not need to be next to the printer to print

 Customer loyalty

With CloudHQ4 loyalty you can run a single or multi branch operation and provide your customers benefits that are available across all of your sites.

Loyalty points can be accrued real time on customer spend, specific product purchases or both.

There is a business specific webpage available for your marketing team to use which amongst other things will mean that when your customer logs on to check their points; you can be directly marketing to them new products, store openings or special offers.

Targeted marketing emails, text messages and other forms of social media connectivity is a key part of our loyalty offering.

Product Upsell

 Upsell a product

Easily set a prompt to remind staff about product upsell before finalizing the sale; the staff will be prompted with a reminder to check with the customer if they would like to have "Tyre Shine" added to their wash

IMO Specific Reporting

 Daily Summary Report

Select a date range to view sales by Departments and Car Analysis.

 Greeter Sales Analysis

View sales between a specified date range for each of your greeters. The report also shows the analysis of the upsell product.

 Daily Transaction Report

The Daily Transaction Report displays all the Wash sales made in between a specific date range by vehicle registration. It also displays the Uber Code for that particular registration.

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