CloudHQ4 offers several features that help make managing
your business a lot easier. View our latest flyer to learn more.

Customer Loyalty programs

With CloudHQ4 loyalty you can run a single or multi store configuration.

Loyalty points can be accrued real time on customer spend or specific product purchases or both.

There is a business specific webpage available for your marketing use which amongst other things will mean that when your customer logs on to check their points; you can be directly marketing to them new products, store openings or special offers.

Targeted marketing emails, text messages and other forms of social media connectivity is a key part of our loyalty offering.

Gift cards

With CloudHQ4, gift cards can be tracked on a single or multi store level.
Gift card number generation is site specific so you know where the card originated from.

Our Gift Card design program allows you to create ad-hoc artwork for you to take to a printing company or for printing directly to an A4 printer for direct distribution. Good examples for this feature might be when you want to create some Gift cards that are occasion specific. E.g. Father's Day or Mother's Day.

Cards are configured with preset amounts, expiry dates and associated to a specific customer.
At the store level a blank card can be assigned any dollar value you wish. At the end of the sale this information is sent up to the cloud and made available to any other store or location such as your online store where it can then be redeemed.

No need to worry about losing gift cards as they are not assigned a value until the money is taken as part of a gift card sale.


CloudHQ4 sales information can be exported in various file formats for direct importing into many accounting packages.


CloudHQ4 has a large number of formatted reports already available as standard and we are always on the lookout for more. Here are a few of what you can generate.

Stock control

CloudHQ4 offers a complete multi location stock control, this includes the ability to generate purchase orders, cash and carry orders, transfer between locations, and carry out stock checks.

On the home page when you log on to CloudHQ4 you will get key stock information at a glance. The system will list any items that have gone below your minimum stock levels or products that fall below a target gross profit level. The system can be configured to send an alert email with the same information.

Product control

Included in this control would be site specific or region specific price levels, and keyboard layouts that can be set up in advance with a pre configured send date.

The feature also allows for the ability to use centralised or local suppliers & control any promotional from a central location including mix and match standard discounted offers.

Online Store Integration

CloudHQ4 can provide a seamless link to your website. This allows for stock to be tracked real time in all of your locations. Orders that are placed on your website can be printed direct to your A4 or kitchen printer for take-away orders or orders can be sent to your barista screen for coffee orders. Website design features are also available.

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