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What support is included?

All hardware supplied by CloudHQ4 comes with a standard back to base Warranty. This means that in the event the machine breaks down and can't be repaired over the phone, the service supplied as part of your purchase will include the fixing of the hardware providing you return the hardware to the appropriate address at your own expense. The warranty is voided if the machine is damaged by what the supplier might see as unacceptable use. This might for example mean that it was dropped on the floor or hit with a hammer or immersed in liquid. If you would like a full list of how a warranty might be voided please contact us and we will provide a copy of the warranty specific to the hardware supplied

What support is not included?

The hardware is not covered by an onsite warranty. This means that if the machine breaks down and you want someone to come on site to fix the machine or, if it can't be fixed, leave you a loan till while the broken machine is taken away to be repaired. This would involve additional charges direct to you. The charges will be dependent on who comes in and carries out the repair. The best thing is always to get a local hardware/computer company involved to keep the cost to a minimum. As part of this process if the third party needs any help from CloudHQ4 then this is provided as part of the support you have, provided you are of course under a support agreement with CloudHQ4.

If you want to upgrade your back to base warranty to a full onsite warranty please contact us and we will provide you with a quote for this.


Included in the cost of your system is 12 months telephone and internet support for the use of the Poswise software. We would draw particular attention to the part of the terms that relate to any issue that requires someone from CloudHQ4 to come onto site or take a call outside of normal hours or if you have no support at all.

It is generally expected as a franchise that you have the minimum support being offered which also means you will always have available to you the very latest build of the software.

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